Martin Richards: CFA Executive Director
E-mail: martin (at)
A graduate of UK’s College of Architecture, Martin Richards has farmed his family’s land in Woodford County, been a partner in Prajna Design/Construction, and most recently was the economic development organizer for Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, working on energy and sustainability issues. Martin has been an active member of CFA for 17 years, serving as the CFA President in 1998. He was the first CFA Fellow during the passage of HB 611 that created the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund.  Martin became the director of CFA in November of 2010.


Wendi Badger: CFA Executive Assistant
E-mail: wendi (at)
Wendi has been on staff at CFA since March 2005. As the Executive Assistant she is responsible for internal operations including finances, payroll, taxes, administration, human resources, and database.  Before joining CFA Wendi worked at Community Action in Southern Indiana and a law firm in Louisville.  She is originally from Charlestown, IN and has lived in Frankfort for the past 7 years with her husband and 4 children.


Heather Hyden: Organizer 
E-mail: Heather (at)
Heather will be working on Kentucky food systems development. She has a BA in Geography and Urban Planning and has worked in Community and Youth Development, Urban Agriculture Policy and Farm to School Implementation. She is originally from Memphis, TN and now lives in Louisville, KY. Legend has it her family originated from Hyden, KY.


Alexa Arnold: Organizer
E-mail: Alexa (at)
A graduate of UK’s Geography and Political Science departments, Alexa has experience studying the relationship between people and place and is passionate about supporting local agricultural economies and local food systems. Alexa’s primary role at CFA is working with Eastern Kentucky communities on local food system development issues. Before joining CFA, Alexa worked as the Assistant Market Manager for the Lexington Farmers Market. She was raised in northern Ohio though has family roots in Eastern and Central Kentucky. Alexa lives in Lexington with her fiancé and spoiled pup.





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